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Love Story Productions was founded by Award Winning Independent Filmmaker Carolin Von Petzholdt. Carolin started her own videography studio in 2005 in Europe while filming her sisters weddings. Carolin moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to work in Hollywood’s competitive entertainment Industry. Since then she’s been successfully working and creating Feature Films which have received outstanding awards. Her hard work and vision lead to the conceptualization of Wedding Video Los Angeles Love Story Production’s unique style and artistic approach. ” In our work we are trying to establish a connection with every client. Wedding cinematography requires individual approach and attention to everyone who comes to our studio, it’s a lot more than skills but establishing the creative aura in which our clients are a very important part of the process of creation. We do not produce films for our clients but rather we create it together with them. The goal is to keep our clients in the loop of production and post-production process and then along with them enjoy the outcome represented through wedding films”

I’m Carolin or Caroline with a e.

I’m a Cinematic and Creative Wedding Filmmaker , Writer, Creative director, movie junkie, living in Los Angeles.

I’m a storyteller.

We like to tell stories of happiness and laughter, of joy and all the emotions that make life worth living.